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Do you not like fun anymore? Are you too old? said a fifty something visitor to her friend who wouldn’t hop on a swing with her. That says it all. People lined up for hours today to enjoy the spacious installation by Ann Hamilton at the Armory, in order to feel like flying while helping make fly a spectacular white curtain, or to watch from afar the beauty of people swinging, laughing, feeling like a child (again), or the majestic waves of that white drape



A few broken songs in the beginning, a new face with a platinum mohawk hairstyle, and then pure beauty with free style songs with minimalistic arrangements where her voice could take her full power. A great energy on titles like Ruin. She seems to be struggling between stage fright and an almost childlike joy to be onstage. There was almost no hit. This was not your typical cookie cutter concert but Chan Marshall delivered

When I was leaving around the corner from the Wythe Hotel back in 2005, if someone had told me this desert street would have turned into a hipster hub, I would have laughed. But time has passed, buildings have risen, obstructing some people’s view but also giving birth to one of the most pleasurable new spot for watching the skyline. The bar at the Wythe Hotel can get very crowded during week-end nights but if it still manageable without too much fuss. The view is spectacular and almost unprecedented as there are still so few restaurants or bars on the Waterfront in Brooklyn and especially in Williamsburg, which is facing the most iconic part of Manhattan. The cocktails are a pass, choose instead the bubbly rosé and enjoy this million dollar view.

Wythe avenue at North 11th, Williamsburg, Metro Bedford Av.

Celestino is a cosy fish and seafood restaurant that transports you to Sicilia or Sardignia. Super cute maritime themed decoration (fish filet, boat windows, etc), delicious and fresh dishes (seabass on a brocolli puree, kale and blood orange salad, seafood pasta, etc). The desert was equally yummy (blueberries panna cotta…), the house wine was great, especially for the price, and the service attentive but not pushy. What’s not to like?

562 Halsey St
(between Stuyvesant Ave & Malcolm X Blvd)
Brooklyn, NY 11233




Life is all about lobster in Portland. And where best to savor it than on the Porthole’s deck, on the dock of the old port, basking in the sun? Well, if you really have to, you can head to Lobster and Company, a few blocks down Commercial street. Same punishment, same treatment, as we say in my country. If you want to escape the lobster mania, the Exchange Grill is a good alternative.  http://www.15exchange.com/about.html.Or even better, the stylish fore street. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be staying at the beautiful, cosy and very special bed and breakfast The Pomegranate Inn. But if you do, make sure to leave the little ones at home… They are persona non grata as in too many b&b of the region.

The Porthole: portholemaine.com/







This was supposed to be a trip to Maine. It ended up being a tour of New England and, against all odds, we kind of fell in love with Massachusetts, starting with the Berkshires. We spent our first night at the Cornell Inn. It was heavenly: warm welcome and great team in this family owned business. The full breakfast was the best (eggs casserole followed by blueberries pancakes, fruit salad, etc) the tea-time cookies were just out of the oven and the lemonade was delicious. The garden is so relaxing, with a mini pond, a waterfall, an antique swing, and a deck where breakfast and dinner are served in the summer. Last but not least: it was so unexpensive: 100 dollars for a suite. We also loved the neighboring towns. In Great Barrington, we also had an amazing dinner al fresco at Fiori. On the same street, Allium seemed a great choice as well. Can’t wait to be back.

The Cornell in Lenox Logo. 203 Main Street Lenox, Massachusetts 01240 Phone: (413) 637-4800 (800) 375-9839.